How to Incorporate Hygge Into Your Interiors

Hygge has become such a buzzword of late and many are wondering what it is. First of all it is a Danish word which roughly means creating intimacy or coziness. This type of interior design is about connecting with the ones you love, creating intimacy and finding pleasure in simple ways. We have gathered a few tips to make your home comfortable the Danish way.

Add warm colors

It is important to carefully choose the correct colors because this will affect how the rooms feels. Mix the warm and cool palettes for the perfect Hygge for your home. For instance add warmer colored accessories and pillows to help invoke the Danish style.

Bring the outside to your home

During the winter there may not be a lot of plants into your home. This should not stop you, bring the outside in and see how your room transforms to a bright and beautiful space. You can also add wood to make you feel closer to nature.


Every homes needs that perfect space where you can just curl up and unwind. This space is perfect for enjoying your cup of hot chocolate or getting deeply engrossed in your favorite book. Layer the space with cozy pillows and soft textured furniture.

Keep it simple

Remember that the Hygge style is all about keeping it simple. It about being affectionate to the ones you love and avoiding extravagance. Use your spaces for living and not storage

More tips

  • Light a candle
  • Make time to unwind
  • Use natural materials