The Greenes started singing in 1979 with Everette Greene, and his three childeren: Tim, Kim, and Tony. God blessed the group almost immediately as their first single, "When I Knelt The Blood Fell," soared into the top 20. After 10 years of ministry, Kim married Dean Hopper and joined his family’s group, The Hoppers. 

Tony, Tim, and Everette continued on by hiring Amy Lambert to sing Kim's part. After 4 years, Amy started a solo career. The Greenes hired Milena Parks and then later, Taranda Kiser. After 2 years, Tony and Taranda fell in love and got married. They continued to minister with The Greenes until Tonys death in 2010. 

In 2000, Tim got sick and had to come off the road. He visited 10 hospitals that year and no one could figure out what was wrong until he discovered a specialist in Atlanta. The specialist discovered that he had black mold in his sinus. The mold spread to his brain and blood stream. Tim was ill for 9 years. After being in a wheel chair for 3 1/2 years and losing all earthly possessions, our precious Lord healed him in a miraculous way! 

Tim writes, “Today I am traveling with Keith Skiles and Connor Bost. These guys live what they sing and are a great blessing everywhere they sing. Please pray for us as we continue to try to win the lost to Christ, one song at a time!”

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